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Helsinki Urban Art: Giving the Streets of Helsinki a Face

by Hugo Sandberg Urban art and sustainability are two phenomena that might not seem to have an immediate connection. However, urban art anchored in a conscious framework built on serving and uplifting communities, rather than opposing them, has the potential to build a bridge connecting the two phenomena. This is exciting, as it helps toContinue reading “Helsinki Urban Art: Giving the Streets of Helsinki a Face”

Seeds of Urban Change

by Dana Peters Sustainability is deeply ingrained within the fabric of Helsinki. It is reflected in small everyday things, like bottle returns at local grocery shops and biowaste bins in cafes to help sort waste. It is also found in larger things, like the city’s well connected public transit system and urban green spaces. IContinue reading “Seeds of Urban Change”

An Urban Café KOLO – A space for surprising experiences

by Karoliina Kuusela Takeover of an urban space in Kallio, Helsinki Kolo was a meeting place for people that was opened in Kallio, Helsinki in July 2016. It was one of a kind vegan café that offered free events to city dwellers. Kolo, announced to be free from discrimination, was open to everyone and visitorsContinue reading “An Urban Café KOLO – A space for surprising experiences”

Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin – A new force in urban planning

by Janita Jämsén Over half of the world’s population is living in urban areas [1] and in 2019, 37 percent of Finns lived in a so-called inner urban area. [2] Cities create places to live, work, move, eat and enjoy. Therefore, there is also a critical need to find economic and socially equitable solutions withoutContinue reading “Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin – A new force in urban planning”

Lapinlahden Lähde. A place belonging to the people.

by Nina Bammer Tiina is sitting alone at her table in Kahvila Lähde, next to her a signage on which she has written a message: „saa istua kaveriksi“, which translates as “you can sit here with me“. Even though not everyone follows her invitation in the cafeteria, her openness triggers an emotional reaction and aContinue reading “Lapinlahden Lähde. A place belonging to the people.”


by Eelis Ilvessalo What is Olohuone? Olohuone (“living room”) is a unique almost 600 square meters space located in the shopping center of REDI in Kalasatama. This space is decorated like a living room and anyone from children to elderly can use Olohuone for multiple purposes. Olohuone opened its doors in 2018 and behind itContinue reading “Olohuone”


by Hannah Horten Interrupting space At the end of September 2015, for 10 days, if you were lucky enough, you could have been riding the tram through Helsinki when all of a sudden, as the tram rounded a bend, the sounds of an accordion rang out. As you continued to ride, different notes would haveContinue reading “Pixelache”

Art & Sustainability – A confrontation with the invisible

by Vera Arhippainen Art and sustainability have a long history, but when it comes to art, the term “sustainability” can take on many meanings. Creativity and artistic activities play an important role in the resolution of the problems we are facing today. Attempts to change our societies towards sustainability is very emotional, but we areContinue reading “Art & Sustainability – A confrontation with the invisible”

Keru : A caring community (that also shares food)

by Alejandro Arce Justiniano According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) one third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted globally each year, that’s equal to 1.3 billion tons [1] -just to put an incomprehensible number in your mind- and according to Luke, the Natural resources institute of Finland, households areContinue reading “Keru : A caring community (that also shares food)”