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Lapinlahden Lähde. A place belonging to the people.

by Nina Bammer Tiina is sitting alone at her table in Kahvila Lähde, next to her a signage on which she has written a message: „saa istua kaveriksi“, which translates as “you can sit here with me“. Even though not everyone follows her invitation in the cafeteria, her openness triggers an emotional reaction and aContinue reading “Lapinlahden Lähde. A place belonging to the people.”


by Eelis Ilvessalo What is Olohuone? Olohuone (“living room”) is a unique almost 600 square meters space located in the shopping center of REDI in Kalasatama. This space is decorated like a living room and anyone from children to elderly can use Olohuone for multiple purposes. Olohuone opened its doors in 2018 and behind itContinue reading “Olohuone”


by Hannah Horten Interrupting space At the end of September 2015, for 10 days, if you were lucky enough, you could have been riding the tram through Helsinki when all of a sudden, as the tram rounded a bend, the sounds of an accordion rang out. As you continued to ride, different notes would haveContinue reading “Pixelache”